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Motivation: Become a Professional Makeup Artist

Helpful Hints for Becoming a Professional Makeup Artist

There are many things you could do with your life, but few as rewarding and fun as becoming a professional makeup artist. Whether you’re looking to work on movie sets or in fashion magazines, this career has something for everyone. In this article I’m going to walk through the path that led me from one of my first jobs at Macy’s cosmetics counter to where I am today: behind-the-scenes at photo shoots and working with some of Hollywood’s hottest leading ladies. In case you need more info on this topic, just visit Mobile Beauty Services and you will be happy!

-I started off as a cosmetics counter worker at Macy’s and loved it. I learned about all the products, how they applied them to different skin types and hair lengths, what makeup you needed for your day look or evening look. It was great practicing on myself before taking my skills out into the public space of working with clients in the store

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-My first job after graduation: an apprenticeship program where I worked alongside other artists while learning from professionals who had been doing this work for decades

The best thing about being a professional makeup artist is that there are no limits–you’re always learning something new! There are only so many things you can do if you just walk around Walmart applying mascara to people without any training, but in this industry there are no boundaries.

-It’s a good thing I like to take risks because my career path can be quite unpredictable! For example, sometimes you’re working on the set of an indie movie and then next day you find yourself backstage at New York Fashion Week with some models who have been asked to show their natural beauty without any makeup.

-One day it might mean doing a full face makeover for someone who wants to look fabulous for her wedding photos, while another time it could involve tending to scars or burns from accidents that occurred after people stopped wearing makeup out of fear of looking different than others around them